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#JaVotes2020 | #JaVotes: Lisa Hanna's lawyer speaks on recount

#JaVotes2020 | #JaVotes2020: "What has she done?" - Joan Gordon-Webley asks of Juliet Holness

#JaVotes2020 | #JaVotes2020: Andrew Holness returns as Prime Minister

#JaVotes2020 | #JaVotes2020 | PICTURE THIS: General Election Flashback

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  • 8:47 Aug 23rd, 2020

    #JaVotes2020: Krystal's clear vision for St Andrew West Rural

  • 0:46 Aug 21st, 2020

    #JaVotes2020: Paul Henry's widow says his death not politically motivated

  • 3:41 Aug 21st, 2020

    #JaVotes2020: PM tours St Catherine North Western with JLP Candidate Newton Amos

  • 1:37 Aug 21st, 2020

    #JaVotes2020 | VOX POP: Do you think JLP attracts younger voters and PNP older voters?

  • 3:45 Aug 20th, 2020

    #JaVotes2020: Dwight Sibblies says it is the people of Clarendon Northern that will win.

  • 18:01 Aug 19th, 2020

    #JaVotes2020: "God has been kind" - Pickersgill says goodbye to representational politics

  • 6:10 Aug 18th, 2020

    #JaVotes2020: Opposition Leader Dr Peter Phillips addresses the media on Nomination Day

  • 8:03 Aug 18th, 2020

    Campaign Chronicles EP 1: Dubs, Manifestos and Desert Clarks